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1 : 1 online mentorship program

a transformational path

for those ready to shed their old skin and awaken

to their embodied power, pleasure and magic


Working consciously with sexual energy
will expand all areas of your life

The SSE Mentorship supports you to shed SHAME and DOGMA around sexuality

so that you can remember your

Innate Innocence
as a vibrant, sexual being 

By reclaiming your

soul-body-sexuality connection,
you will gain potency, clarity,
freedom and power

The SPIRITUAL SEXUAL EMBODIED Mentorship offers the teachings, practices and guidance - as well as the sacred space & time - for you to awaken, integrate and embody your highest truth 

the Spiral Path

the mentorship requires

-- at minimum --

a 3 month commitment


every 3 months is considered a Cycle

each Cycle is officially opened and closed


this rhythm allows you to seed your intention at the beginning of each new Cycle

and harvest the fruits of your work at the end of each Cycle

we follow the rhythm of nature all around us

the seasons

the planets

creation itself

we begin again and again


deepening your understanding and appreciation

of what is true in each moment

opening you slowly and deliciously

to the Great Mystery of who you really are

when you are fully



"We all begin the process before we are ready, before we are strong enough, before we know enough; we begin a dialogue with thoughts and feelings that both tickle and thunder within us.


We respond before we know how to speak the language, before we know all the answers, and before we know exactly to whom we are speaking.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

each Cycle includes...

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Sexual transformation requires a paradigm shift. 

I will be supporting you to make this shift with the wisdom and teachings from Tantra, Taoism, Animism, mythology, biology, women's work, and other sources.  

We will explore new ways to relate to Self, Spirit and Sexuality, so that you can open to a totally new way of experiencing the world.


Hummingbird, sparkling violetear (Colibri coruscans) in flight. Low-key bird portrait. Bir


Traverse uncharted territories of your own being.

With my reflection and support, you will begin to rely more and more on your own innate wisdom, soul guidance and the magical codes of your body.

Together, we will explore shadow realms and transmute your pain and blockages into the greatest sources of your power!

Image by Luca


Your body is your greatest ally and teacher.


Come into a deep and loving relationship with yourself through embodiment, nervous system regulation and pleasure practices. 

Practices such as Taoist sexual energy cultivation, primal movement, emotional release and self-pleasure will support transformation by cultivating embodiment, authenticity and grounding, as well as sexual energy mastery.

Beautiful Abstract Blurred Powder Rose Pink black Background with Bokeh circles. Soft Past


Experience your multi-dimensional nature. 


Unleash your expanded self through bespoke rituals, designed to activate the mytho-poetic dimension of your being. 

Through archetype and shadow play, enactment, gesture and ceremonial intention, we will create symbolic somatic experiences that will help you access deeper layers of your innate wisdom and power.


The SSE Mentorship is a deeply tender and intimate container, so if you are called to this work, we will start with an alchemy call to feel into our synergy

This is not a sales call
I will not be "convincing" you of anything


We will know it in our bones if this path is for you and if i am the one to accompany you on it

Pricing and Payment Plans HERE

if you are ready to unveil yourself...

My name is Jovana

and I am an internationally trained Sacred Sexuality facilitator, mystic and mentor.

I am devoted to accompanying my clients on their journey of self-(re)discovery and facilitating their reclamation of personal power, pleasure and magic.

In this time of great planetary transformation, it is my mission to be in service to people who are ready to open their hearts, remember the sacred way of life and become truly sovereign beings.

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3-month Cycle

3 x 90 minute sessions per month

15 minutes of voice/email support between sessions

20% discount on all my events




3-month Cycle

3 x 90 minute sessions per month

15 minutes of voice/email support between sessions

20% discount on all my events

/per month
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