Toronto Tantra Festival  

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In September 2021, we held Toronto's 1st Tantra Festival

… full of love, celebration, dancing and powerful workshops and rituals!

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Early Bird Tickets coming in May '22


a safe space for emotional release

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tantrööm is an invitation to…

… dive into a powerful emotional release ritual with a group of brave souls who seek freedom

… allow trapped and disavowed emotions to arise (we want your guilt, grief, shame, rage, without EDITS!)

... connect deeply and viscerally to the wisdom of your body

… release your emotional charge and come back to ease

… expand your capacity to embrace the richness of your WHOLE human experience (not just the fleeting moments of "good" stuff)

… go on to face the world from a place of your badass power and presence - no longer locked into a pattern of numbness and/or overwhelm!

tantrööm is a workshop and group ritual, where we use breath, sound and movement to discharge dense, stagnant emotions and free up space for you to more fully connect with your purpose, joy and pleasure!

A regular emotional release practice... key to “ENERGETIC HYGIENE”
...brings you into PRESENCE, allowing you to reclaim full responsibility for your state of being
...releases you from the influence of old emotions that are smuggled into the here and now
...frees up vast stores of energy for you to use to create more of what you want in your life!


a self-love workshop and ritual

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… is the key to a more vibrant, fulfilling and empowered life. Without it, everything is a struggle.

… goes beyond motivational memes, spa days, superfood smoothies and salt-baths.

… is deep. It asks you to meet yourself. Really. Fully. With the unconditional love and presence you have spent a lifetime seeking from others.

… is the practice of being there AS yourself FOR yourself, in total acceptance and vulnerability - trusting that you have the patience, wisdom and love to meet whatever arises with exactly what is needed.

And if you are wildly in love with yourself - if you are truly your own best lover - then you are officially “unfuckable-with”!

No more waiting for permission to bring yourself fully.
No more dead-end relationships.
No more compromising your vision and voice.
No more waiting for rescue.

With a radically reframed practice of Self-Love, you are self-sourced, powerful and BRAZEN enough to glow, grow and be the agent of change you want to see in the world!
BRAZEN is a 9-hour shamanic and tantric pleasure laboratory, exploring Self-Love as a powerful, transformational practice.