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A journey into embodied empowerment, pleasure & presence through conscious touch.

Awaken your erotic life-force and the subtle energies that heal, transform, restore & create.

Each session is a unique experience. 

Guided by your intention and responding to the needs of each moment,
we receive whatever arises and allow it to move us. 

Sessions are an unfolding, not a destination.

My work is gender inclusive, trauma-informed and judgment free. 

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Mind, body & spirit.

So that you can meet yourself anew.

And return to wholeness.


How long do the sessions last?

The Shamanic Sexual Journey sessions are 2 - 3 hours long and include a 30 minute integration call 3 days after the session.

Where do the sessions take place?

Currently, I am seeing clients in Toronto, London ON & Montréal.  Sessions take place in temple spaces designated for sacred work. Outcalls to your home may be possible if deemed suitable, at an additional cost. 

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are for you!

I work with individuals & couples.  All abilities, genders and orientations are welcome.

What can I expect?

Sessions are conducted in a safe and sacred space & are defined by your boundaries and active consent. You are an active participant in the journey - we see what energies are moving and we allow them to guide us. The intention of this work is to create a space where you can connect more deeply with your body and soul. 

How is the session different from sexual entertainment?

The intention of these sessions is to ​remember and reclaim sexuality as a holy energy that can be used to transform, expand and heal our lives.  This is not a space for "performance" of any kind, nor the acting out of unconscious patterns.  We will be invoking heart-centred authenticity and vulnerability to come into a powerful state of presence. 

How do I book a session?

We will start with a compatibility call to explore what it is that you are seeking from this experience, your intention and to feel into our synergy. If we mutually decide to journey together, you will be provided with booking and payment information.


Meet yourself in full authenticity and loving presence

Release old, dense emotions


Unleash your life-force energy

Deepen your relationship with yourself and the world through erotic awakening

Learn powerful techniques to direct subtle energies 

Learn effective tools for claiming your desires, emotions and boundaries

Experience the healing power of pleasure

Reclaim your bodily sovereignty and sexual wholeness 

Feel empowered, embodied and energised 



2 hr session

The signature Shamanic Sexual Journey.

Reduced price packages available for bundles of
3 - 6 - 12 sessions.


3 hr session

The extended Shamanic Sexual Journey.

Reduced price packages available for bundles of
3 - 6 - 12 sessions.


*5hr immersion

Dive deeper into your experience with more time for teaching, coaching, transformational processes & ritual​

*available to individuals who have had their first
 session with me


8hr couple's day

Grow in your presence and authenticity with each other,
re-ignite your erotic connection &
discover new pathways for pleasure and love



weekend deep dive

A 2-day bespoke transformational program for individuals and couples. Includes practices & teaching, transformational coaching, shamanic processes and rituals

My private session with Jovana was transformative, she reached inside my soul and pulled out the dense fear and shame with her hands.  I have never felt so grounded and centred.

The most powerful shamanic experience of my life.

Daniella, Toronto


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