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I reside at the nexus
of polarities
Living many lifetimes
in this life.

Choosing magic. Choosing love.
Again and again.  

I am a mystic,
& ritualist.

My practice weaves together Sexual Shamanism, 

Neo-Tantra, Animism, Shadow Alchemy,

Somatics, Womb Wisdom, and Temple Arts.  

My work is my prayer and my prayer is this:

Let us reclaim the wisdom of our bodies,

harness the raw life-force of our sexuality

and show up with true agency in the world


Let us decolonize our minds, bodies and spirits

and activate the wild genius of our primordial nature.

And let us find the way forward oriented by love, not fear.

I work with people who are ready to open.
          To the mystery. The ecstasy.                                The magic.

SOROR MYSTICA (Latin: mystical sister) was the name given to female assistants in Medieval alchemy labs.

As your soror mystica, I become your alchemical counterpart and accompany you on your journey of transmutation. 

I witness, support and keep you safe, while you discover the healer within.
Opening your heart is a revolutionary act.



(Ongoing) Energetic Mastery with Perri Chase 


(2021) Ancestral Medicine with Dr. Daniel Foor

(2020) Death Doula Training with Doulagivers

(2018 - Present) Level 2 Initiation with International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)

(2018 - 2019) Practitioner Training Program Graduate with International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)

(2017 - 2019) Existential Kink, Practical Magic & Money Magic with Carolyn Elliott


(2016) Wataflow Method Training with Oceano Salvatore Russo

(2016) Ritual Temple Dancer Training with Monika Nataraj

(2015) Qi Gong and Kung Fu with Shaolin monk She Heng Zuan Laoshi

(2011) Master of Arts in Philosophy at the University of Toronto

My family, friends and lovers are my guides. 

To them, I am thankful for the joy it is to see my heart reflected in theirs. 

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