the emotional liberation practice     


give yourself the freedom to feel


inside of you is a wild, holy animal
an untamed heart
a fearless lover
yearning for Freedom

tantrööm is a place
to express yourself fully

and vibrate yourself open
through breath, voice & movement

Image by Conor Sexton
tantrööm is an invitation to…

… dive into a powerful emotional release ritual with a group of brave souls who seek freedom

… allow yourself to feel fully (we want your guilt, grief, shame, rage, without EDITS!)

... connect directly to the wisdom of your body

… expand your energetic capacity to hold the WHOLE of your human experience (not just the fleeting moments of "good" stuff)

… go on to face the world in your badass power and presence - no longer locked into a pattern of numbness and/or overwhelm!
how it works...

last Saturday of every month, 1-3pm EST on Zoom

… upon registration you will receive a video tutorial that will introduce you to the practice

... we meet LIVE and enter deep ritual space together - - no replays!

… you are committing to stay for the duration of the experience, out of respect for the energetic integrity of the shamanic container

… access to a private group to share about your experience and connect with others 
next tantrööm

Saturday 27 August 2022
1-3pm EST


$60 - $75 CAD
if you are experiencing financial strain,
but know you need this work, get in touch!


tickets sold through Eventbrite
Feel it. The thing you don't want to feel. Feel it.
- Nayyirah Waheed