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Great Work.

Sex has been cleaved from Spirit.
And Spirit from Body.

They have been kept separate by fear, guilt and shame for millennia.

Wonder why?

Because, when the spiritual and the sexual are fully embodied,
a phenomenal power is unleashed

Not the power of status, prestige or dominance,
which needs others to be "less than".

I am talking about the inherent power
of a fully incarnated and actualized human being.

That kind of power can only come from:

Deep knowing.

Clear intuition.
Unshakable boundaries.
Fearless love.
Unleashed life-force.
Freedom of expression.
Anchored roots.
Integrated darkness.
Energetic authority.

This is true power.
This is the alchemy of flesh & spirit.

I invite you to embody it fully.

Because you feel it, don't you?  

The call to come home to your body & awaken to deep, soulful pleasure. 

The courage to let your heart break open

The yearning to reconnect with your inner wisdom

The longing to weave sacredness into every moment of your life. 

To re-member what has been cleaved apart, through Sacred Sexuality and spiritual embodiment. 

And to live with 
joy and purpose. 

But, this will not be easy!

It will take resolve to stand in the fires of transformation until it feels like you might die!
And then, stand there some more.

It will take
courage to open your eyes and peer into the shadow to see your victimhood, your violence, your weakness.  And then, love it all back home. 

It will take
faith to transcend false dichotomies.
They will test you every day.
This journey will ask much of you.

But if you are ready to surrender yourself to the magic of who you truly are... is then, that you will know your limitless power as LOVE!

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 My name is Jovana.

I am passionate about people getting into alignment
with their hearts, their bodies and their power. 

This work is my calling, my service and my gift.
Jovana has the rare gift of facilitating from a well-integrated masculine and feminine: flowing freely between fierce, protective space-holding, erotic lusciousness and a joyful, playful curiosity.
What a gift to journey into unknown spaces with her.

Michelle, 2019


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