One on One 
Mentorship Program
"As within so without." 
My approach to supporting your spiritual expansion is founded in Animism and Shamanism.

Animism is the belief that everything (plants, animals, planets, objects, words) are imbued with spirit.
We will cultivate your awareness of and receptivity to the spirit of all things, so that you may deepen into the experience of your life through the mystical lens.   understanding yourself 
- and in Shamanism, which is the practice of entering altered/trance states in order to shift something in non-ordinary reality that has direct impact on your everyday life. 
A journey into embodied empowerment and presence: 
awaken your
innate wisdom 
and the subtle energies that
heal, transform,
restore and create.


When much of our sexual histories have taken place in unconscious contexts, this journey is an opportunity to meet yourself as if for the first time, without expectations, judgments or old goal-oriented sexual habits. 


Informed by the belief that sexual energy is our life-force energy, this journey helps to reframe your relationship to your body and your sexuality. 

I use modalities such as breathwork, movement, shamanic dialogue, boundary and embodied consent exercises, energy work, conscious sensual touch, pressure points, visualizations, and somatic emotional release techniques.

These modalities move and release old, dense emotions and rewrite nervous system response patterning.  Painful emotions and memories stored in the tissues may arise; you may be called into a deep healing, or a powerful reclamation of your body and pleasure - and usually both! 

If it is within your boundaries, conscious touch activates erotic energy, allowing you to dive deeper into your own experience, without the need to reciprocate or fall into any "role" that we often play out in our sexual lives.

Following each new emotional state as it arises, this journey unfolds at your own pace - encouraging radical trust in and love of oneself. 

3 hours

+ intake and followup phone calls

My healing studio; outcalls to your home or another suitable private space possible 

All genders, expressions and bodies welcome

Sessions are exclusively your journey and experience; reciprocal touch is not invited.

Sessions are conducted in a safe and sacred container and are directed by your boundaries and consent​.

This means:

  • You determine the level of undress that is most comfortable for you​

  • You determine your physical touch boundaries

  • You define the nature of the touch you receive

  • Your verbal and embodied consent is sought throughout the session


- meet yourself in full authenticity and loving presence
- release old, dense emotions that are blocking the free flow of your life-force
- deepen your experience of yourself, of your relationships and of the world around you
- practice using breath, sound and movement to direct subtle energies 
- learn effective tools for accessing and claiming your desires, emotions and boundaries
- explore how pleasure is healing and healing is pleasure
- reclaim your bodily sovereignty and sexual wholeness 
- feel empowered, embodied and energised 

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Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one's being, but by integration of the contraries.
- C. G. Jung