I am so thankful for the infinite love, kindness and courage I received from this beautiful human being. She held a safe space for me to heal my wounds and release past traumas. Her magical touch allowed me to find my pleasure, hence expanding my sexual life alone and with my partners. I am now assertive about my boundaries and can clearly communicate my feelings and desires. I have been able to create my true heart's desires and live my path with confidence. I would recommend this practice to all people in search of becoming empowered.

-- B.

I went to Jovana because I had enough of living from the head up, and I needed to reconnect to my body. What I also needed was someone to hold the space for me, to gently guide me based on where I wanted to go, to help me move emotions through my body, to show me what my body can do if I finally tune into her.


Jovana does all that with great respect and love. Different aspects of my life have changed for the better since I brought her on my journey.

-- Amelie

In her full power as a Priestess, Jovana held space and my hand for my inner journey and healing. With love and presence and a reverence for the sacred divine feminine, she supported my release of long-held emotional wounds that were stored deep in my body. I felt safe to allow that which choose to surface, surface and was completely open to receiving powerful transmissions. I let go of the past and moved toward more self-love, alignment, expansion, wholeness and ease. I deepened my connection and relationship with Source. Communicated consent and boundaries were honoured at all times.

Jovana is a skilful therapist and offers a powerful and divine service. The beauty and sacredness of my experience are still with me.

-- Carolyn

I was blessed to receive a session with Jovana. Her powerful gifts were in my service for 3 hours. As I was there to get help grieving the loss of my unborn baby, I arrived with a lot of big emotions and apprehensions.  She made sure I communicated my desires and fears and helped me respect the process I was in with my psychotherapist Her deep listening helped me trust her and let myself go into her medicine.


The session was in soft and gentle flow, bringing me to where it was needed. I felt respected the whole time. She was very present and assisted me in getting in touch with deep pain, which I was carrying for a long time but couldn't get to by myself. She also gave me security, love, and gentleness, which all together allowed for a very powerful session.

-- E.M.

My healing session with Jovana was simply miraculous. More than a month later after my treatment, I am still experiencing gentle waves of insight & appreciation, from our time together. She creates such a safe, sacred and profound container, where she gently guides & facilitates a shamanic dream journey into the deepest heart of a woman, where pain is released and everything is possible. I released so many energetic, emotional and physical blocks during our time together, that felt so expansive.

We touched other dimensions of time and space, yet came back to earth right on time.

Her professionalism was filled with such integrity, compassion, and was very cleanly & clearly communicated.

I left her office re-homed and centred within my body again, and felt electrically alive, looking at the world around me that seemed so much sharper & in focus, with a bright crispness.

-- A.N.